NBA live mobile game features and tips

If you are a video games enthusiast, NBA life game is a great option for you. This is a game that gives you the ability to develop your individual team’s roster. You will begin with a base roster comprised of players with low rating. You will be able to make your team into a powerhouse through acquisitions you get from auction house and items you get through completing the collections and rewards. The game begins with a comprehensive tutorial that gives you instruction on how to play it effectively.

nba live mobile game

NBA live mobile game features

The game has different features that make it great for any player. You need to pay attention to these features to understand how they can increase your winning rate. Here are some of the features.

Ultimate team

nba live mobile ultimate team

When playing the game, you are given an opportunity to make use of your team to move on throughout your personal NBA season. You will be able to compete against other game players in matches that are highly ranked. You also have the opportunity to play friendly games against your friends.

Live event

The live event allows you to participate in brief session challenges that reflect the ongoing NBA events.

nba live mobile live events

Head to head games

NBA live mobile game allows you to play competitive games against players you are in the same division.

Season mode

There is also the season mode that gives you an opportunity to receive rewards by beginning a season and playing up to the finals.

Friendly matches

You can invite your colleagues and enjoy playing against them.

Team management

Just like real games, you will be in full control as you play. You can review and edit your team line up for more improvement.

Set collections

You can also complete a set of collectibles in order to redeem prizes.

Tips for play NBA live mobile

Like other live mobile games, you need to master some tips that will help you succeed. Here are little tips for play NBA live mobile better.

Composing your team

your team under your control

When you start playing the game, you have the freedom to select your game. The best tip here is to select your most favorite team. However, if you are playing with the major goal of winning, you should choose a team that has the highest stats. This allows you to begin the game easily.

Auto play

Another great feature the game has is auto play. You get it in form of a play button, just next to the game scoreboard. It performs a great job of controlling your players. It can really help you play throughout the season with a high rate of wining. Therefore, it is advisable you make use of the auto play effectively in order to have higher chances of wining.


For you to increase your wining chances you need to pay attention to your players. This will allow you understand where you need to make changes in order to improve it.

Bottom line

The simplicity of this game model and a highly accessible game play is what makes the game outstanding compared to many others. So, if you are yet to play it, you need to try and you will definitely enjoy.


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